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The roast of James Franco’s roast

The Roast of James Franco had a lot of jokes about James Franco’s sexuality, but Guy Branum, appearing on Totally Biased, decided to roast Franco for the actual horrible things he’s done instead of the sexy things Guy likes to imagine him doing. The result? A roast that’s actually funny!

“I’ve never heard that much conversation about homosexual sex, and I spend most of my life engaged in conversations about homosexual sex,” Branum said. “Why? Because the guys on that stage think that gay sex is ridiculous. They think it’s hilarious. Let me be clear: if you think gay sex is hilarious, you’re doing it wrong. If I were to describe the movie Bareboned Twinks to a blind pastry chef while backstage at a Kathy Griffin show during gay pride in a San Francisco dildo factory that functioned also as a skating rink, there would be less discussion of homosexuality than the James Franco roast."