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The Rob Ford crack scandal: Oh god, there’s more . . .

When we last left Rob Ford, his chief of staff got shit-canned, Ford claimed that his alleged crack video didn’t exist, which was somewhat corroborated by the fact that the person who alleged to have it went mysteriously silent. I just kind of assumed that was the end of that.



  • Two of Ford’s press secretaries have reportedly left. Can you guess why?
  • A second arrest has been made in the shooting of Anthony Smith, a man who was reportedly connected to the crack video and who was photographed with Ford in a highly publicized picture that made the rounds after the initial allegations.
  • Since I can’t resist the rule of threes, here comes the worst part of it all: The Star is now alleging that he told senior aides that he knew where the video was, gave them disturbingly specific addresses, and then cited “our contacts” as his sources. I think the term you’re looking for here is “Aw, fuck me."
So yeah, this just got worse didn’t it? I said this before and I’m going to say it again: dude needs to step the fuck down. As soon as possible, preferably. Whether or not it’s true, he’s doing himself more harm than good, and he’s not really reflecting well on the city. At this point, he might as well cut his losses and try to salvage a little dignity on the way out.


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