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The robo-call fallout

And so the fallout from the robo-call
revelations has dominated the media cycle. The Conservatives deny any
wrongdoing. NDP MP Pat Martin is staying true to form and calling it a conspiracy and the end of democracy as we know it. The owner of the company
whose phone system was used is “shocked and distressed.” And we’ll have to see
what else the investigation turns up and what charges are eventually laid. In
the meantime, here’s an accounting of which Conservatives used the company's services in the last election.

The retired Nova Scotia justice whose
report the Conservatives keep citing as proof their omnibus crime bill is so
great went before the Senate committee that's studying the bill Wednesday to denounce said bill. Oops. Meanwhile, the former ombudsman for victims of crime again reminds
us that the bill will do nothing to help said victims of crime, contrary to the
way the Conservatives are selling it, not that this is a huge surprise either.

Harper flew up to Iqaluit yesterday to announce funds for basic adult education in the North.

Niki Ashton says that Thomas Mulcair is
engaging in Old Politics by campaigning with dirty tricks and says she’s going
to drop out of the race. (Possible pay wall.) Also, she has no idea how many
new members she’s signed up because people in My Generation™ sign up to these
kinds of things online. Okay then.

Over at Maclean’s,
Aaron Wherry talks with Conservative MP Brad Trost about the abortion issue, while
John Geddes sizes up Jason Kenney’s competition for Best Immigration Minister
Ever! He finds it’s likely Progressive Conservative MP Ellen Fairclough in the
Diefenbaker government.

Peter MacKay had
the Canadian Forces dig up information about flights taken by his opposition critics in response to their
criticism of his helicopter flights. Because there’s nothing like the 
they did it too!” defence to really prove you did nothing wrong.

Those bureaucrats who faked the oath on
Sun TV were praised by senior officials for their quick thinking. Yeah, this revelation
is going to turn out well.

And the Conservatives are sending the lawful access bill to the public-safety committee on Monday in advance of second reading so that it can receive a more thorough review.

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