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The sanctity of (not-gay) marriage

Blah blah Prop 8 blah…what's going on in the world of real marriages, you ask?  Plenty!

— a Georgia woman and her husband may lose their home because she went and got herself put on a sex offenders watchlist. What? Those laws were only supposed to punish perverts!

— a man in Arkansas is suing McDonalds for taking the nude photos of his wife he had in his mobile phone and posting them on the internet

— how did all the right-wing guardians of the "sanctity of marriage" let this happen:

These two can get married but gay Americans can't? Fortunately, there's at least one Christian group sorry for their part in this saga. Too little, too late but still appreciated!

In other news, Conrad Black has learned that the justice system is unfair in regards to drug charges. Next thing you know, he'll be joining the Prop 8 protests on behalf of his prison bitch.

Australia has just passed new gay-rights legislation while Burundi officially criminalized homosexuality.  This is a massive blow to the giant gay Burundi tourism market!

And finally, here's the strangest hetero love story ever: the Spanish-told, Aerosmith-scored saga of Toby the dog and Sheila the duck! Not even death and accidental dismemberment could keep them apart: