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The Sean Avery and Andy Cohen bromance

Photo: Sean Avery and Andy Cohen in an Instagram shot.

Rumours started circulating online last week that former NHL player Sean Avery and Watch What Happens Live host Andy Cohen are engaged. It all started with a report on The Fame Driven and was fuelled by Avery and Cohen on Twitter.

When asked by a follower if the engagement was true, Cohen tweeted, "ask @imseanavery."

Avery responded by tweeting, "# Busted @andycohen."

Cohen and Avery are close friends who have discussed their "bromance" with The New Yorker, and Avery announced his retirement from professional hockey on Watch What Happens Live. 

Although there has been no solid confirmation or denial from the duo, Andy's father, Louis Cohen, said he had just returned from a visit with his son in New York City, where he addressed the speculation.

“Andy told me all these rumors are floating around, but he said it’s not true, unless he’s keeping something from me," Louis told RadarOnline. "But there really is no validity to [engagement] rumors.”

When asked if Andy and Sean were dating, Louis replied, "That’s not necessarily true either. I’ve never even met Sean. Andy’s not dating anyone, to my knowledge. He’s just so busy. For his own benefit, I’d really like to see him end up with somebody, but that’s not really my call!”

Avery was an ardent gay rights advocate while playing for the NHL, speaking out against homophobia and for marriage equality. Gay rumours have followed him on and off the ice (New York Islanders defenceman James Wisniewsk infamously simulated a blowjob at Avery during a game), but the retired Rangers forward turned Vogue magazine intern has maintained his heterosexuality.