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The second victim of the Eaton Centre shooting has died

A little over a week after the events of the Eaton Centre shooting, a second victim — 22-year-old Nixon Nirmalendran — has died from his wounds, the second casualty of the alleged gunman, Christopher Husbands. From the Toronto Star:

Nixon Nirmalendran, who was fighting for his life since the Eaton Centre shooting on June 2, died from his injuries Monday night.

Nirmalendran, 22, was gunned down along with Ahmed Hassan, 24, in the mall’s food court. The attack left him in grave condition with bullet wounds to his neck and chest.

The alleged shooter, 23-year-old Christopher Husbands, is currently charged with one count of first-degree murder, for Hassan’s death, and six counts of attempted murder.

So basically, two people are dead, numerous more are injured, and because . . . What? Bruised egos? I know going into a blind fury won’t actually do anything to make the situation better, but still, this is kind of a complete crock of shit.

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