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The second wives’ club

Photo: Veronica Lario and Silvio Berlusconi. 

Veronica Lario, you are what dreams are made of. I am filing you under #idol and putting a half dozen asterisks next to your name.

Not only does 56-year-old Veronica have smoother cheeks than a cum-slut who moisturizes with a daily dose of vitamin E and protein-packed jizz (throw out your Crème de la Mer for some Crème de la Bear!), but after a three-year divorce battle, the second wife of billionaire former Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi is walking away from their 22-year marriage with $47.2 million in yearly alimony payments. It’s not quite what she was asking for, a reported $56.3 million, but it beats the $4.7 million per year her husband was offering. Her alimony will equal about $131,000 a day.

The 76-year-old Silvio, three-time prime minister (and rumoured to be considering trying for reelection in 2013), made the bulk of his fortune through Mediaset television, which runs three networks in Italy and Spain, and through his film production company, Medusa. He’s currently engaged to Francesca Pasquale, who is 49 years his junior, and he has been credited with redefining the term “bunga bunga,” which has become widely used in Italy to describe the tycoon politician’s sex-positive parties with young girls. Very young girls — Silvio is currently being investigated for paying an underage cabaret dancer for sex.

I’m bowing down to Veronica because I like a woman who knows her worth. And I’m not just talking dollars. When her philandering husband was filmed at a party telling showgirl Mara Carfagna, “If I weren’t married, I would marry you immediately,” Veronica hit Silvio where it hurt — in the press.

"I see these statements as damaging to my dignity,” she told The Repubblica. “To both my husband and the public man, I therefore demand a public apology, since I haven’t received any privately."

The most epic part? A mere few hours later, Silvio wrote back a public letter of apology.

To quote the illustrious Ivanka Trump (you can also find her under #idol), “Don’t get mad, get everything.