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The single stupidest argument against gay marriage ever*

*Well, give or take every other argument against gay marriage.

A major marriage-equality bill is up for consideration in New York State right now, which, of course, means we get to watch a large group of straight people, who will never actually be directly affected by gay marriage, decide whether we deserve the same rights as they do. (By the way, the correct answer is YES. That is the only answer. Stop dicking around, already.)

Of course, it was only a matter of time before someone elevated us to whole new heights of HERPDY DERPY DER. So, here’s Rep Dov Hikind giving the single dumbest argument against gay marriage ever. (SPOILER ALERT: It centres entirely around the fact that Lady Gaga wore a phone on her head. I shit you not.) Kinda makes you long for the days when the worst they did was flash their junk on Twitter, huh?

The best part is, he fully admits that the only reason he opposes gay marriage is because of an old book that says an invisible flying man who lives in the clouds will throw you into a fire if you piss him off. Seriously. He openly admits that there is no legal or moral reason why Gaga should not support gay marriage, and, yet, he chooses to do so anyway. This is all too stupid for words, so, here’s a gif to get my point across.

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