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‘The Sissy Boy Experiment’ on Anderson Cooper 360 Part II

During the second part of the "sissy boy" experiment on Anderson Cooper 360, CNN reached out to disgraced psychologist and author George Rekers, who refused comment. Rekers performed the shocking experiment at UCLA in the '70s (see previous post), which led to Kirk Murphy's suicide at age 38. As recently as 2009, Rekers wrote that the therapy was a success and made Murphy overcome his homosexual tendencies. I suppose there's no denying that. It's quite hard to be gay, when you're dead.

You might remember George Rekers from the headlines: he is a fervent anti-gay activist who, in 2010, was busted by The New York Times after being photographed with a 20-year old escort he hired from Rekers claimed he hired the escort to "help carry his luggage" during a vacation because of recent surgery that left him unable to carry it himself. It has, of course, been noted that in the incriminating photograph (above), Rekers' paid companion is looking on in the picture, as Rekers tends to his own baggage.

Since he refused to speak with CNN, the network sent producers, along with cameras, to catch him outside an airport. What followed were the warped insights of a creepy man a few breaths away from hell, unable to see reason, deplorably tangled in his lies and delusions. He feigned surprise after the producers told him about Murphy's suicide, although anyone even mediocre at reading faces could very clearly see that he was fucking lying. It was obvious he knew about Murphy's death (how could he not? CNN had been reaching out to him for comment!), but being the chronically confused hate monger that he is, he faked distress over the news and expressed sympathy for the Murphy family. In a brief interview from his car (which is where he dodged like the cowardly bastard he is as soon as he saw cameras), Rekers attempted to save face by saying, "I had nothing but good intentions [for Kirk Murphy]," and that "scientifically speaking, it would be inaccurate to assume" that the experimental therapy had any correlation with Murphy's death.

Part III of the "sissy boy" experiment airs on AC360 tonight.