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The six stages of strutting for a good cause

The Foundation of Hope raises heels and funds for LGBT refugees

Strap on your high heels and get ready to sissy that walk. Strut is a mile walk in heels to help raise money for much-needed services for LGBT refugees and asylum seekers. The Foundation of Hope community fundraising event encourages participants to don their highest and most outrageous heels to raise $500 individually or $3,000 in teams.

Never worn a platform or a pump? No problem. Here are the six stages of Strut:

You are ready. You’ve got your heels on your feet and the need to help refugees in your heart. Nothing can stop you now, unless Ryan Gosling shows up this second, asking for your hand in marriage. Gather up your gaggle and get down to Sunset Beach.

2. You’ve arrived and you’ve totally made an entrance. Turning heads, burning legs . . . or is it just hot? Whatever, let’s do this for LGBT people living in fear everywhere.

3. You’ve started your Strut and you’re feeling fierce. It’s no cakewalk (cake is much softer than these high heels), but you’re loving it and it’s for a great cause. Plus, it’s only a mile. And a mile in heels today is easier than a lifetime in the closet for an LGBT refugee.

4. Alright, how do people do this all day? You’re at the quarter mile and you’ve probably got a blister the size of a pancake on the back of your heel . . . but that’s nothing compared to your friend, who probably has a sprained ego after a near tumble. Just keep thinking of the good you’re doing.

5. By now, your legs are probably lit up like the Celebration of Light (us fabulous folk love fireworks). Your Beyoncé strut has turned into your drunk-aunt-at-midnight shamble, and everyone around you can hear you sobbing, “It’s for a good cause, it’s for a good cause.” Think of the refugees and pull yourself together!

6. The end is near (we mean the finish line, stop being dramatic). You cross the finish line where, undoubtedly, a drag queen is waiting to chastise you for your inferior performance in heels. You did it though, and thanks to you, LGBT refugees will have better a future. Throw off your heels and go find a beverage to enjoy.

Fun and outrageousness is encouraged.

To register for Strut or to sponsor a participant visit