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The skinny on GHB & Ecstasy

Safer Ecstasy.

What it is:

¥ Main ingredient MDMA, developed as an appetite suppressant in 1914, elevates natural serotonin and dopamine levels, producing a warm, euphoric and trusting mood – it’s mixed with all sorts of other unknowns such as speed, acid and heroin.


¥ Overdoses can produce nausea, dizziness, teeth grinding, paranoia, confusion and distortions in perception

¥ Can result in low energy level afterwards – you may need simply to sleep this off or it may be more drastic

¥ Questions of purity. E is a mix, with each variety effecting your body in a whole different way

¥ Speed, common in the mix, is a threat to anyone with a weak heart.

Do’s and don’ts:

¥ Drink water before, during and after – the only E-related deaths have been from heat exhaustion and dehydration after hours upon hours of uninterrupted dancing

¥ Take breaks – stop dancing, rest, chat with friends

¥ If you’re a regular user, take a weekend off now and then to let your body rest

¥ Don’t take with any depressants, including alcohol

¥ Don’t eat before use – E can create an overwhelming sensation in the stomach that can lead to vomiting

¥ Always buy from someone you know and not at a club when you’re already out.

Safer GHB.

What it is:

¥ Gamma Hydroxy Butyrate, developed in the 1960s as a sleep aid, raises natural dopamine levels and produces similar effects to Ecstasy, hence its common name Liquid Ecstasy. But they’re not the same drug.


¥ It is super easy to overdose – the so-called “response curve” is very steep – 0.5g can produce the desired effect, a bit more makes you nauseous, 0.6g can induce coma and seizures. More can cause respiratory failure, hospitalization and death

¥ Two G-related deaths and numerous hospitalizations have been reported in Toronto

¥ The homemade nature of G makes it impossible to predict purity – 1/2 teaspoon can have enough G to make you high, or endanger your life

¥ the semiconscious state and memory loss that G induces has linked it to reports of date rape

¥ Can depress heart rate to the point that electro-resuscitation is necessary

¥ Is physically addictive, with a two week withdrawal reaction after prolonged use.

Do’s and don’ts:

¥ Consider using drugs with far less serious risks involved

¥ Don’t assume the purity and dose – start with the smallest amount (1/2 teaspoon at most) and wait an hour before doing a little more

¥ Never mix with downers, alcohol, opiates or anti-psychotics!

¥ Don’t try to sleep off a bad reaction – you may not wake up. Go to the hospital

¥ Don’t use if you are prone to seizures, asthma or heart trouble

¥ Do it around friends – you may need someone to take care of you or get emergency assistance

¥ Don’t do with people that you don’t trust – especially sexually

¥ Never dose someone else! Besides being illegal, it may kill them.