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The Sochi Olympics bathrooms: Perfect for a quick bang!

For a country so opposed to gay propaganda, Russia sure knows how to build a bathroom made for public sex. Seriously, look at this thing:

That is a picture of the gentlemen’s washroom at Sochi, posted by BBC reporter Steve Rosenberg. And apparently, even he can’t believe this shit, saying, “Just to make clear, this is not photoshopped. You can see my reflection in the flusher."

Apparently, the facility was built in the Sochi Biathlon Centre, and there are two ways to look at this: either Russia believes that poops should be as awkward and uncomfortable as possible, or sweet Jesus, that is the perfect cover for some good ol’ fashioned cottaging.

To be fair, though, as pointed out, Putin is operating on a level of delusion beyond logic. He has gay friends, but he writes laws against them! He thinks gays and pedophiles are the same! Also, whatever the fuck this is.

I guess the crux of it all is that it’s becoming increasingly obvious that Putin doesn’t actually have a clue as to what being gay entails. And yet they’re still trying to legislate it! But if they’re worried about gays talking to children, yet they think this wouldn’t read as “hilariously gay” . . . Seriously. Has Putin ever actually met a gay person?