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The Star’s Daniel Dale responds to Rob Ford comments

On Monday, Dec 9, Conrad Black interviewed Rob Ford, because apparently Karla Homolka was busy that day. I won’t go into the gory details, but David Hains over at Torontoist has a lovely little evisceration of that particular failure pile in a sadness bowl, so by all means give it a look.

The big story of the night, however, was Ford’s comments on Daniel Dale. As most of you might remember, Rob Ford and Daniel Dale were involved in a confrontation last year when Dale was out investigating a story about Ford purchasing public property. Yeah, that clusterfuck. Anyway, during the interview, Ford claimed that the reason for his altercation with Dale was that “I have little kids. When a guy is taking pictures with little kids, I don’t want to say that word, but you start thinking, you know, what is this guy all about.”

According to the Toronto Sun, Dale denounced Ford’s comments: “As I have said consistently since the week of the incident: I took no photos of the mayor’s family, home, or property; I never set foot on his property; I never stood on blocks; I never peered over his fence or jumped to look over the fence.”

Dale also said the Toronto Star’s lawyers are currently reviewing Ford’s allegations.

Has Ford ever considered, I don’t know, not talking to the press? Not doing interviews? Perhaps workshopping some of what he says with friends before he says it? Obviously no, but I’m just floating some ideas out there because HOLY CRAP, you are magnificently bad at talking.