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The steamiest scenes at the 2016 Vancouver Queer Film Festival

Sexing up the big screen

From barracks to bathhouses, the Vancouver Queer Film Festival is full of hot hookups. Credit: Théo et Hugo/Vancouver Queer Film Festival

Let’s face it, there’s something inherently sexy about actors.

Maybe it’s the fame and fortune, or perhaps casting directors just have a tendency to pick the hotties. Either way, when lips lock between actors onscreen the sparks that fly are undeniable, and the most amorous scenes often define a film for its audience. Combine that with a giant screen in a dark room and the sexuality is amplified.

It should come as no surprise that the Vancouver Queer Film Festival is no stranger to these steamy scenes. We asked VQFF staff to help us find the hottest make outs at this year’s festival. Here’s what they suggested:

Spa Night

Friday, Aug 19, 9pm. Cineplex Odeon at International Village.

As David struggles with his identity he takes a job at the local spa in order to help out his parents. In a turn of events that surprises absolutely no one except David, the spa is home to throngs of gay men, exposing David to a new world of sexuality and desire. What happens at the spa may stay at the spa, but audience members witness it all.


Sunday, Aug 14, 9pm. Cineplex Odeon at International Village.

Big muscles, big dreams — Joey, a young woman from a small town, joins the army following her mother’s suggestion. Her life changes when she’s opened up to a whole new world after meeting Rayna. Their unexpected romance catches Joey off-guard, and will pull at your heartstrings as she struggles between a new life and her one back home.

Front Cover

Saturday, Aug 20, 2:30pm. International Village.

Front Cover tackles the intersectionalities of culture and sexuality when Ryan, a gay Chinese American who works as a celebrity fashion stylist develops feelings for Ning, a closeted actor from Beijing. When a tabloid exposes Ning’s sexuality, Ryan must decide whether to help Ning lie for the sake of his career or stay true to himself.

Best Of: Love Letters (short​ films​ ​program)

Monday, Aug 15, 7pm. Vancity Theatre.

From the kinkiest leather opera to barbershop flirtations, a collection of some of the best shorts of the year takes us through courtships, break-ups and a search for lost love in a country that doesn’t understand or believe. It’s a whimsical and true-to-life collection that reminds us of the irresistible joys and pains of love.

Paris 05:59 Theo et Hugo

Friday, Aug 12, 8:45pm. Rio Theatre.

It’s French, it’s gay, it’s hot. The trailer really speaks for itself here: Two men meet in a steamy Parisian sex club and grab kebabs before heading back to one of their apartments — or, just a modern gay love story.


Thursday, Aug 11, 7pm. Vancouver Playhouse.

A 1970s story of Delphine, a young woman from rural France who moves to the big city during a time when feminist activity flourished in Paris. She encounters Carole, a teacher at the forefront of a burgeoning feminist movement, and the two unexpectedly hit it off. Their surprise romance bounces between a bustling Parisian backdrop and a beautiful French countryside in a sensual and exhilarating female-driven story.