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The summer is the city is the fun

…and then my fan died. Like, as in the oscillating ones.

Anyway, the summer is pretty hard blog to about… dead heat and so forth. There is though, a G20 legal defence fundraising party this Friday at the Playhouse. It's an UP YOURS! party but for the Montreal detainees from the kerfuffle in Toronto three weeks ago. 

Here's the info:
This party is a fundraiser for the g20 legal defense fund! Come show your love for those who are still in jail, were detained, or anyone on the streets of Toronto (or those who think about them) and….take your clothes off.  Five dollars suggested donation at the door. Music by: ALEX HEGGIE, BOBBY, VINCENT DOYLE, TOBOGGAN, CATASTROFIK, MUSCLEMAN. All proceeds go to the g20 legal defense fund. For more information on how you can help – join this group:

Other than that, hmmm. Nothing to report. Nope, just pools and hangsises with friends. What the fuck else?

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