Charles McVety
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The theo-con infiltration

After more revelations of just how far into this government’s decision-making Charles McVety’s reach seems to be reaching, the Toronto Star has a fantastic piece about all those evangelical Christians getting comfortable in the PMO. Not that this is new to regular Xtra readers, but it is one more piece of the puzzle – and I’m not sure I like the look of the picture that’s forming.

The Conservatives can breathe a sigh of relief – the big news of the day was that Senator Housakos has not been found to be in breach of ethics rules for any role he may or may not have had in the federal government awarding a contract to the company he was working for – or for all those mysteriously changing biography web pages. But it’s the appearance of propriety or impropriety that matters, right?

The special committee on Afghanistan will not be meeting tomorrow, as the Conservatives have indicated their intention to continue the boycott, because the holidays are not a time to be concerned about this government’s failure on human rights or their international obligations, but rather, it’s a time to wrap oneself in the flag and hide behind the soldiers. Or something like that. That said, most of the opposition members in fact do plan to hold an “informal” meeting, and hear from a couple of witnesses “unofficially.” And why not?

Oh, and all that missing gold from the Royal Canadian Mint? Not stolen – just bad accounting, and improperly checked slag by-products that were resold for a fraction of the price. But the executives got their bonuses cancelled, and lessons have been learned – we hope.
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