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The top gay icons are . . . who?!

When gay app Jack’d asked its users to vote for their top gay icons, the legends were nowhere to be found. 

“With Pride season now upon us, we thought it was important to understand what inspires our community in 2014,” Jack’d CEO Adam Segel said. “It appears that in 2014, the pantheon of gay icons is changing just as rapidly as the culture at large. It’s great to see that Michael Sam, the NFL’s first openly gay player, is a source of pride for so many young gay men.”

Michael Sam is such a source of pride that he got the top spot. Barbra Streisand, on the other hand, came in at last place. And our friend Judy? She didn’t rank at all. 

I’m a young gay (at least I take hella bong rips and dress like a slutty teenage girl), so it’s not like I don’t understand why some of the more historic icons didn’t make the list, but my tastes are classically inclined because Frank Ocean nabbing second place has left me wondering if voters didn’t know the definition of the word “icon.”

Tying in third place are bisexual rapper Iggy Azalea, who was popular among Jack’d users 18 to 25 years old, and President Barack Obama, who got the support of the 30-plus crowd.

So, apparently these days all it takes to be a gay icon is to be a jock who kisses his boyfriend, a rapper who comes out, another rapper who comes out, and a president whose puppet handlers tell him it’s time to accept the queers because we can’t hold those glittery bastards back any longer.

I guess Harvey Milk taking a bullet for our civil rights just didn’t get enough likes . . .