Toronto Diary
1 min

The TTC goes 8-bit

I don’t know what it is about Toronto that inspires people to go full 8-bit. Hell, Scott Pilgrim managed to turn the city into a full-blown old-school video game world, replete with one-ups and coins and manic pixie dream girls. I think everyone in Toronto just wishes they were Mario.

Well, good news! Now you actually can be Super Mario! Sort of. Vancouver-based artist Dave Delisle reinterpreted Toronto’s subway system as the overworld from Super Mario Bros 3, arguably one of the most iconic games from the 8-bit era. Whether or not this means you can instantly warp all the way up to Finch station by blowing into a magic flute is still up for debate, but on the plus side, TANOOKI SUITS! TANOOKI SUITS EVERYWHERE! (I apologize to all the non-nerds for whom this is complete gibberish.)

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