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The twins appeal

Brother Fucker features twins Liam and Luca Rosso

Credit: Channel 1 Releasing

I’ve always found identical twins as a sexual fetish a bit perplexing. Where does this attraction to twins come from? Isn’t it just a recipe for a threesome without variety? Or is it a hypothetical fetish, something from someone’s imagination, like the Grouse Grind or the Davie St Reach-Around?

Channel 1 Releasing’s popular title Brother Fucker appeals to the bending of this particular taboo, so let’s talk about that.

The film spends more than an hour following beautiful and hung Brent Everett across town as he heads to a radio interview. He avoids temptation despite encountering three separate couples fucking — at the gym, in a washroom and in an alley. Everett manages to sidestep each of these situations, vowing not to be distracted. Clearly, this
radio interview is a big deal.

The opening scene is typical of the whole film. Blond, 30-something Cameron Marshall and the much younger Lucas Vitello are passionate and dirty at the same time. They exchange polite blowjobs for a few timid minutes before Vitello bends Marshall over the locker-room bench and fucks him hard. The best part is that these guys aren’t acting, and they’re very vocal.

The movie’s climax features Everett succumbing to identical surfer-type twin brothers Liam and Luca Rosso. Wearing toques and plaid in an office building, these hipster brothers get to work on Everett quickly. Once the scene gets moving the fact that they’re brothers adds a tension that doesn’t exist in most porn. Brother Fucker gives the viewer something to watch besides guys having sex. (Identify Incest is like a gay porn version of Where’s Waldo.) 

Watching the scene I found myself focusing so intently on every interaction — the placement of hands, nearness of cocks and eye contact — that I briefly forgot there was a third person in the middle of the whole thing, loving every sweat-soaked second.

There is an instant when short-haired Liam is kissing Everett’s ear, while Everett blows his brother. Liam pulls back, simultaneously catching his breath and sight of his brother’s cock. It’s in this moment that the voyeur gets what he wants out of Brother Fucker

As a point of interest, there wasn’t a single bed in this movie. I don’t find that odd, but my straight roommates insist that it is.