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The ups and downs of same-sex marriage

BY NOREEN FAGAN – How come the good always seems to come with the bad? New
York is a happy state. One month ago same-sex marriage became legal and
couples have been clambering to tie the knot.

The New York Post
reported that
NYC officials estimate that of 5,587 marriage applications in August, 1,400 were gay couples.

McSweeney, the city clerk, told the Post, “Last week, we averaged 335 licence
applications a day, busier than ever. We’ve had to work extra hard to handle
the increase, but even as same-sex marriage starts to feel routine here,
everyone seems profoundly happy to be here.”

It’s a pity that happiness didn’t roll over into New Jersey.

According to the Los Angeles Times, a New Jersey bridal salon refused to sell a gown to a lesbian who is getting married in neighbouring New

Alix Genter spent a day shopping for the perfect
wedding gown, which included a visit to the small boutique Here Comes the Bride. Genter
tried on some gowns, filled out a customer information sheet and left the shop
happy. A few days later she received a phone call from Donna (who wouldn’t give
her last name), who wanted to chat about the paperwork.

Apparently, Donna is a bit behind the times and was horrified
to find that Genter had crossed out the word “groom” and written “partner”

Genter told the Philadelphia Daily News that Donna wouldn’t work with her because Genter is

"She also
said that I came from a nice Jewish family, and it was a shame that I was gay.
She said, ‘There’s right, and there’s wrong. And this is wrong,’” said

Oh dear — save
us from these people. Since the incident, Donna has come in for some
well-deserved flack.
Here Comes the
Bride has been hammered by hundreds of scathing reviews, and a Facebook page
called Boycott Here Comes the Bride has attracted 576 pissed-off followers.



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