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The voice of a new man

Lucas Silveira and The Cliks release Black Tie Elevator

Lucas Silveira of The Cliks

Trans musician Lucas Silveira shot to the top of the queer music scene back in the 2000s. His band, The Cliks, has toured with Cyndi Lauper, Tegan and Sara and other big names.

Things have changed since then: Silveira’s now an indie artist, and his voice has changed.

“I am unbelievably happy with the way I sound,” he says.

While the new CD, Black Tie Elevator, isn’t The Cliks’ first since Silveira transitioned, he says his voice is now the best fit with his true identity. And, he says, it’s the closest to how he had always imagined it should sound.

“I always heard a voice coming out of me – and that was the separation – when I heard it coming back to me from a recording of something.”

Check out the group’s new album, Black Tie Elevator, and catch Silveira sometime this summer when the band tours Canada and the US.

Below is a video interview we shot with Silveira at the launch of Black Tie Elevator in Toronto.