Toronto Diary
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The Weekend Update Joke-Off is the best thing ever of today

As some of you know (warning: shameless self-promotion in 3, 2, 1 . . .) I’m working on a show for HardTV called — wait for it — HardTV! Yeah, we phoned it in a bit on the name, but whatever. Point is, I’ve spent months writing joke after joke about gay pornstars, to the point where I literally cannot get a boner unless someone says that Spencer Fox is such a whore, he’s spent more time crawling around on the floor in a drunken, shirtless haze shoving dirty meat in his mouth than David Hasselhoff.

So after spending months writing joke after joke in my best Daily Show/Weekend Update rip-off style, this clip from yesterday’s Weekend Update on Saturday Night Live just makes me ridiculously happy. This isn’t just a neat little comedy bit: this is what happens when professionals come together and make kickass, hilarious art. Plus, it just feels really good to see Tina Fey back behind the Weekend Update desk.

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