Toronto Diary
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The winner of the first ever Toronto Puppy Contest is . . .

Today, as part of the Heart of the Flag Federation’s Toronto Bound Weekend, the first ever Toronto Puppy Contest was held to crown the best leather puppy in Toronto. (Side note: If you have no idea what a leather puppy is and that last sentence was therefore gibberish to you, read this article by Scott Dagostino on puppy play. It’s interesting! I swear!)

Anyway, three very diverse and very deserving leather pups competed for the title this year, and after an impressive showing from all of them, Pup Ego has been named the first ever Toronto Puppy. A big congratulations go to the two runners-up, Pup Digger (who won the Showmanship Award) and to Pup Ego. It was a hell of a show, and all three of them would have made excellent representatives of Toronto’s leather community, but congratulations to Ego on a well-earned title.

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