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The World/Club 816

Although I agree that there need to be online spaces that address this, I leave it up to the real newsmakers to report on real news. I'm not real. And this blog certainly ain't news. Instead of complaining, you should go and buy yourself some Fireboy underwear already. Treat yourself to something fancy. Girl, you know you're worth it!

In other news of the style of news that I like to talk about, the World aka Club 816 (everyone's favourite afterhours at 816 Granville) isn't stopping its gay night after all.

Here a message from the manager of the Club 816:


First of all gay nights aren't going anywhere. I
make the bookings for gay nights and let me tell you they are definitely here to
stay.  I don't know where the rumor started that we are out of business or
that gay nights were cancelled but its becoming very frustrating for me, I
assure you.
The confusion began during the Olympics. 
Because of The World's location at the
corner of Robson and Granville, securtiy and foot traffic concerns raised by the
RCMP lead to our having to close a couple of days during the course of the Olympics, however now that the Olympics are over I am completely confident
business will return to normal soon.  That is as soon as the city restores
our original hours of operation.  The Olympics have left the city in a back
log of paper work, but I'm told they are working on it and that it will happen

Until then our reduced hours of operation have prompted us
to make changes to our music format to appeal to a broader audience. I
sincerely believe these changes are temporary. We are comitted to keeping the
atmosphere GLBT friendly and as of yet have made no changes to our holiday and
special event calender. Once the city restores our original hours of operation
we'll be in better financial possition to bring in the sort of entertainment the
gay community expects from us on our Saturdays.  But until that time we've
had to tighten our belts and do what was necessary to bring in the crowds. 
As I've said to people before, its difficult to have a gay night if gay people
don't show up. 

In the mean time every few weeks or so, at least once a
month we are dedicating one Saturday to our gay clientel. Our next exclusive gay
event currently in the works will be Victoria Day, May 22nd. We encourage our
customers to keep informed via our Facebook groups and our website,


Good news, eh! I'll keep you posted on any new developments here.

You can follow them on Facebook here.

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