Toronto Diary
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Theatre Thursday: Hysterical

The big opening tonight is Buddies’ in Bad Times’ Hysteria Festival of women creators. Of course, the whole Buddies season this year is created by women, so this year’s Hysteria Festival is more about getting a sampling of interdisciplinary work by women all over the world. Every day from now until Hallowe’en there’s a different show rocking the joint, so go often. I’m a Hysteria virgin, and I’m looking forward to popping my hymen this year. Highlights I’m looking forward to are Spin by Evalyn Parry on Sunday and the Mass Hysteria night of shorts on Wednesday.

Regular readers also know that I likes me some comedy — and I particularly likes it gay and raunchy. And trust me, comedy in Toronto doesn’t come gayer or raunchier than Paul Hutcheson. Hutcheson’s solo shows have become a fixture on the Fringe Festival circuit, but he’s better known in some circles of Toronto as the host of the semi-regular Comedy Porn Nights in the porno room of 7-24 Movies and More in Parkdale. This Saturday is the fall/Hallowe’en edition of the Comedy Porn Night, which features a dozen of Toronto’s big name comedians in a room where you can also buy a video called “Come in My Mouth And I’ll Spit It Back In Yours: 6.” Shows are at 10pm and midnight — show up early because it will sell out.

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