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Theatre Thursday: Last Chances for TO Hits

It’s a bit of a quiet week for theatre with most of the major shows in Toronto wrapping up rather than opening this week, so let’s do a recap of what’s out there to see.

Buddies’ Hysteria Festival of works by women creators continues through Sunday. I went to my first Hysteria show ever last night and had a hoot! Lex Vaughan hosted a cabaret-style night of female performers called “Mass Hysteria” featuring slam poetry, comediennes, musicians, and even trapeze artists! Based on last night’s show, I definitely recommend checking out the program over the rest of the weekend.

Brad Fraser’s True Love Lies also closes at the Factory on Sunday. If you haven’t seen it, do go and catch it. Kelly Nestruck of the Globe and Mail recently tweeted that it’s the best thing on stage in Toronto right now, and he’s probably right since he works for a national paper and all.

Also at Factory, Saturday/Hallowe’en night is the Lab Cab Festival, which features a tonne of great local performers. One of my favourite solo performers, Paul Hutcheson (of comedy porno night fame) will be presenting part of his newest show.

And if you can make it out to Hamilton this week, go check out Sky Gilbert’s new play, Why We Tortured Him, an inspired-by-the-headlines look at the nature of violence, playing at The Pearl Company through Nov 8. Honestly, the Go Train isn’t that bad, and I’m going to keep encouraging you to see art in the far corners of the GTA.

Check back here tomorrow for Hallowe’en news, and a sneak peak at the costume I’ll be trotting around Church St on Saturday. 



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