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There are too many humans

And other choice events in Toronto for May 19–25, 2016

Presented by Wigs and Lipstick, these three short plays are about people who, according to billing, “have been dealt a surplus of human characteristics.” Credit: Anne Meighan

Thurs, May 19

Fire Song  

Following his sister’s suicide, a young, closeted aboriginal man wants to leave the reserve. But there are lots of things standing in his way. For the first time, Adam Garnet Jones’ movie shows in theatres. It won the audience choice award at the 2015 ImagineNATIVE festival, the best feature narrative award at the Reel Out Festival and was an official mention at several other festivals.

2pm and 7pm. Carlton Cinema, 20 Carlton St.


Salvatore Antonio’s new play includes lots of naked people. As in, most of the characters are naked most of the time (and they’re attractive too, which is a plus). This is the final show ever to happen at the soon-to-be-closed performance space, so it’s probably worth seeing. In a series of scenes, the plays explores how hotel rooms are at the same time public and very, very private.

Runs until Sunday, May 29, various showtimes. Videofag, 187 Augusta Ave.

Friday, May 20

(Anne Meighan)

Surplus Humans

Presented by Wigs and Lipstick, these three short plays are about people who, according to billing, “have been dealt a surplus of human characteristics” — cunning, beauty, brains, and the like. And what does this do to the person’s ability to conduct interpersonal relationships? The cast includes Ryan Anning (in a skirt, as god intended), Jennifer Carter and Alexander Plouffe.

Runs until Saturday, May 21, various showtimes. Artscape Youngplace, 180 Shaw St.

Saturday, May 21


Body Politic

The Body Politic, Xtra’s predecessor, left a mark on queer culture in Toronto, and it’s about time to do lots and lots of plays and things examining that. Written by Nick Green, this historical drama re-imagines key events and personalities in the publication’s history, and looks at its legacy. It’s based, in part, on interviews with some of those actually involved. The cast includes Diane Flacks.

Runs until Sunday, June 12, various showtimes. Buddies in Bad Times, 12 Alexander St.

Pitbull: Summer Kick-Off

Summer just wouldn’t be summer without sexy men sexing out to the sexy bar to dance sexily. Atlanta’s sexy DJ Seth Breezy spins sexy beats for a crowd of, for the most part, quite sexy guys. On top of all the sexy dancing — including that of the sexy go-go dancers — there’s sexy giveaways. A sexy portion of the proceeds go to the Red Cross’ efforts in Fort McMurray.

10pm–4am. Phoenix, 410 Sherbourne St.  

Wednesday, May 25

Mind Games: Hypnosis, Hallucinations and Hi-Jinx

Tired of only seeing things that are actually there? Then let Brandon the Hypnotist mess with your head and take you to an exciting imaginary reality. Do it for your own enjoyment and for the enjoyment of everyone watching you make a fool of yourself. He takes audience volunteers on a silly, fun and bizarre journey up onto the stage and beyond.

7pm. The Social Capital Theatre, 154 Danforth Ave. For more info, visit Facebook.