Toronto Diary
1 min

There’s a Vladimir Putin buttplug now

Yup. A buttplug shaped like Vladimir Putin. *Blows a kiss* Goodnight, everybody!

. . . Oh fine, I’ll go into more detail. The plug comes from Mstyle183, a sculptural artist who works in 3D printing. According to the product description, the concept of a Putin buttplug was meant to be the biggest, gayest slap in the face possible.

As the artist puts it, “I wanted to ridicule Mr Putin so i wanted to make a voodo like doll of him so people could do whatever they wanted to Mr Putin in the privacy of their own home . . . However, what a better way to attack Mr Putin’s shirtless bear wrestling reputation? make him into the shape of a butt plug.” [sic]

The plug is currently up for sale at Shapeways, an online store that specializes in 3D printed materials, although you should probably think twice before inserting it: apparently, it’s made of sandstone, which sounds about as pleasant as you would imagine.