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• 52 Division Supt Aidan Maher confirms that police have been into the Spa On Maitland twice in the last six weeks, at the request of management, in order to route out drug dealing and prostitution.

• Happy anniversary.

It’s been a year since the first police visit to The Bijou that gave the June 13 Committee its name.

In commemoration, the committee will screen John Greyson’s documentary, After The Bath. It’s a critical look at then-London police chief Julian Fantino’s so-called kiddie porn investigation Project Guardian, which targeted gay men paying for sex with teen hustlers. That’s at 8pm on Tue, Jun 13 at Innis College Town Hall (2 Sussex Ave, corner of St George); the cost is $5.

• The next planning meeting for a gay community liaison committee with Toronto’s police chief will be held at 6:30pm on Wed, Jun 7 at the 519 Church Street Community Centre. It’s the third in a series, and you need to RSVP by Fri, Jun 2 to (416) 392-6878, ext 117; TTY 392-6874.

Meanwhile Timothy Gendron of the Church-Wellesley Neighbourhood Police Advisory Committee hopes to set up a meeting with police chief Julian Fantino in mid-July.

• A man says he was aggressively hassled by a police officer at Cherry Beach last month.

• City Councillor Kyle Rae warns that two gay bars have been beset by pickpockets. He won’t identify the bars, but says that people should be extra careful with their wallets.

• The nude beach at Hanlan’s Point opened Victoria Day weekend… to little fanfare, given the goosebump-inducing temperatures.