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These Rob Ford fat jokes are too easy

I swear to God, when I make fun of Rob Ford, I try to make it about how he basically functions out of self-interest and about how if his homophobia were any more thinly veiled, it would be covered in Saran Wrap. Fat jokes about Ford are too easy; they’re petty and tend to take away fire from where he really deserves it.

But I’m doing it anyway; this is too easy to pass up.

I was reading up on the city’s talks on cutting CPIP grants, and I noticed an odd trend in the way they talk about… You know what? I’ll just let you pick up on it.

“There is not a lot of gravy here. Now we’re being asked to do without the flesh, bone and marrow. The mayor is trying to make the city operate without a limb.” – Kristyn Wong-Tam   

“Ford took office saying there would be tons of gravy, but there isn’t any gravy. This is all essential stuff.” – Doug Kerr

“He got elected saying we could cut taxes and promised Torontonians that services will not be cut, guaranteed. We’ve now got five huge documents with very little gravy.” – Janet Davis


I think I know where all the “gravy” has been going… 

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