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Things that are Awesome

In no particular order:

Dutch couple Hendricus Johannes Deijkers and Christianus Huijbregts had
the first gay Hindu wedding ceremony at a Bali island resort. Adorable! 

Slated for construction in Singapore, the EDITT tower is one part office building, one part forest! 

The Bacon Fatty Melt is a bacon cheeseburger between two grilled-cheese-and-bacon sandwiches.  YES!!!

Back to the future! Tomorrow's new 'Entertainment Weekly' has first
photos from next summer's 1960s-and-beyond 'Star Trek' revamp. Captain
Kirk is looking better than ever!

Are the Sarah Palin parodies getting out of hand?  There's the 'Palin as President' interactive website, the New York cabaret songs (from the folks who brought you 'Brokeback Mountain: The Musical') and, most disturbingly, La Pequeña joins in on the fun:

When the stock market fell 700 points on Sept. 29, Manhunt recorded three times as many new memberships than usual and the media is now alarmed about a rise in "sex addiction." But how is that news?  When someone's love life dries up, they say they'll focus on their career. Did no one think the opposite ever happens?

Rumour has it Liberal leader Stephane Dion will quit as early as today.  Too soon!  The door is going to hit his ass!

The final debate between US presidential candidates John McCain and Barack Obama was last night and it looked eerily similar to this:

And some reminders of Things that are Entirely True:

Asians love the gays!
The Onion is as scary/funny now as it was eight years ago
— smoking will kill you but make you look really old first

And finally, there's a cool timeline of every stupid Internet fad that's ever been emailed to you at work. So what's one more?  Here's a cat flushing a toilet: