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Line of the week so far?  Jon Stewart on right-wing homophobes:  "This isn’t a cultural divide: They’re wrong."

And in a perfect segue, the "Traditional Values Coalition" is screaming mad over attempts to end the US ban on gay people serving in the military (Really?  I thought bigger armies was a traditional American value).  In typical wingnut style, they go completely foaming at the mouth:

In addition to the coming persecution of straight soldiers, what about the unrestrained drug and sex antics
committed by young male homosexuals? Homosexual sex is consistently
related to drug use, including crystal meth and other
sexually-stimulating drugs. What sort of chaos will be caused in the
military by bare-backing parties and other forms of homosexual orgies?

Sigh — if only! But before you start thinking that TVC head Lou Sheldon and his merry band of mouth-breathers are completely insane, it's only fair to point out that they were watching what they thought was a documentary: 

Years ago, the US ratings board created an 'NC-17' rating to help protect saucy art films from being labelled as porn. Sadly, it didn't work — NC-17 movies are shunned in many states anyway.  Such is the fate that awaits "Bruno," Sacha Baron Cohen's first film since "Borat" — apparently, there's too much anal sex in it. We'll see for ourselves in July!

Next month's "Wolverine" film starring Hugh Jackman is sadly not rated NC-17 — dashing any hopes I might have had after seeing this new shot of Ryan Reynolds as the insane mercenary Deadpool:

And hey, while we're passing out the eye-candy, haaaaaaave you met model Stefan Podany?

And finally, Toronto's own James Collins and "Shortbus" singer Jay Brannan both asked very nicely that we all post their new videos on our blogs and who could say no to such lovelies?