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‘This place is clean as shit!’ Jujubee exclaims

Jujubee on stage at Celebrities. Credit: Brandon Gaukel photo

The breakout star of RuPaul’s Drag Race charmed a packed club full of Vancouver’s drag lovers and straight girls at Celebrities on Nov 10.

Jujubee brought down the club’s Dollicious Show, with a little help from some new friends in Vancouver, such as Jaylene Tyme, Kamelle Toe, Coco and Iona Whipp.

Asked her first impressions of our fair city, the 26-year-old Bostonian exclaims, “This place is clean as shit! It’s so beautiful.

“Except that bitch at Customs,” she adds. “She asked all these damn questions. Like I was going to steal!”

Asked about the gays she met in the Village, Jujubee says, “I’m staying right on Davie. Everyone has been so sweet and it’s so open here.”