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This Rapture was a party

Northbound Leather's 2011 fetish party and fashion show

Northbound Leather’s annual fetish night/fashion show, on Saturday, Oct 22, brought out the kinky and the curious in droves for one of Toronto’s most bizarre and wild parties. This year’s Rapture theme centred on the ecstasy that results when we give in to our pleasures and fetishes.

Onlookers in their finest fetish gear cheered on hunky bears in leather football uniforms, androgynous twinks in towering heels and a host of fierce femmes writhing with muscle boys decked in steam-punk-inspired leather creations.

The highlight of the night and the most talked-about manifestation of the show’s semi-religious theme was a real crucifixion. The audience winced and jaws dropped as the performer was whipped and nailed to a wooden cross, but, despite being shocked, everyone applauded afterward. The crowd proved that no matter which kink brings about your own personal rapture, there are people who will cheerfully remind you that there’s no shame in doing whatever takes you to new heights of pleasure.

Watch the videos of the show and the crucifixion below: