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This school football team is what we should all strive to be

Leave it to a bunch of elementary kids to restore your faith in humanity.

Danny Keefe is a Bridgewater, Massachusetts, first grader who suffered a brain hemorrhage that has left him with a speech impediment. That, along with his penchant for wearing a jacket and tie to school, has resulted in his being bullied.

His school’s fifth-grade football players, who consider him a member of the team, as their official “water boy,” joined forces to create a “band of brothers,” showing their solidarity with Danny by coming to school wearing jackets and ties and letting the bullies know they won’t stand for his mistreatment.

We wanted to “show Danny that we love him,” one fifth grader told WCVB TV, breaking down in tears. “That we love him very much."

I usually cringe at “Aw, aren’t the kids cute” posts, but I’m making an exception because these kids are more than cute. They’re amazing: