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This Valentine’s Day, skip the chocolate

If you’re like me, you have either completely forgotten that Valentine’s Day is tomorrow or this is the first time in your life that you are seeing someone during Valentine’s Day and you have no idea how to actually handle the holiday. HOW DOES ROMANCE WORK? I’M FREAKING THE FUCK OUT!!! AAAAAAAAAAGH!

Well, if you need to find a last-minute gift, you might want to avoid getting him or her chocolate this year, after a Hershey-funded boarding school denied admission to a 13-year-old boy with HIV because, apparently, keeping children born with HIV from receiving a proper education is more important than doing the basic amount of research required to learn about HIV transmission and antiretroviral medication. That school done teached them kids real good now, ya hear?

If you or someone you love are affected by HIV (or, if the person you’re going to be spending Valentine’s with happens to be poz and responsible . . . *wink wink*), you can check out the AIDS Healthcare Foundations website,, where you can find information about how to contact Hershey and educate yourself about HIV/AIDS. Because the greatest gift you can give on Valentine’s is knowledge . . .Well, actually it would be diamonds. But knowledge is pretty good, too, I guess . . .still want some fucking diamonds though . . . 

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