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Those pesky Toronto elites

John Baird railed over “Toronto elites” trying to kill the long-gun registry. Huh. Funny that Baird admitted in print that he “misses Toronto” (and it’s not like he doesn’t spend a lot of weekends there on Church St). And do you know who else originally hails from Toronto? Stephen Harper. Huh? Imagine that!

With the NDP’s Carol Hughes now voting in favour of keeping the registry, it looks like the vote count is 152-151. Now Layton wants to talk compromise and reforming the registry with Harper (who I’m sure will be totally receptive to it, seeing as he just vowed to kill it).

Stephen Harper’s massive communications team ensures that he operates in a “zero surprises” environment. Is it any wonder he can’t make any appearances unscripted or in an uncontrolled environment?

Green Party leader Elizabeth May lays out a convincing case for Harper calling an autumn election.

OMG! It costs money to keep national residences operating! You think? The other thing that the article neglects to mention is that Rideau Hall and its grounds are largely open to the public, unlike the other residences, which can mean higher upkeep costs.

Peter MacKay is accusing Michael Ignatieff of ruining troop morale by questioning the F-35 purchase. Really? Questioning proper procurement protocol is a morale-destroyer? I wasn’t aware that our Forces were such delicate flowers – or maybe that’s just MacKay?

Poor Rahim Jaffer is shocked that other MPs don’t believe his version of events when it comes to his business dealings.

Michael Moore says that our government’s attitude toward Iraq war resisters is shameful. Video here (and thanks to a reader for forwarding me the link).

And Liberal MP Scott Brison has been chosen as Out on Bay Street’s keynote speaker at their annual conference.

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