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Tig Notaro, Patton Oswalt and Ian Harvie to headline benefit

Oh god, you got me. This is it. If there’s one thing guaranteed to get my attention — and by that virtue, get a write-up on this blog — it’s anything involving Patton Oswalt or Tig Notaro. Fucking guaranteed. If you can combine the two of them and get them to perform at a comedy benefit for a trans charity . . . well, in the words of Leonardo DiCaprio’s racist character from Django Unchained, you had my curiosity. But now you have my attention.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Notaro and Oswalt will both be headlining at Krullapalooza. The April 1 benefit held in LA will help out TransYouth Speak, a project from Survivors’ Truths. Zach Galifianakis and Reggie Watts will also be headlining, and trans comedian Ian Harvie is set to host.

And before anyone asks: yes, it is on April Fool’s Day. No, I’m pretty sure this thing is for real.

The cool thing about this is that, at its best, comedy is meant to elevate people and attack the parts of society that holds them back. So helping out trans youth and offering them an opportunity to express themselves and speak up is totally comedy at its best.

And with that, here’s Patton Oswalt to play us out.