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Time for drastic measures

It's bad enough we'll have to endure all the perky marketing for 'High School Musical 3' this weekend but now comes word that Zac Efron will costar in 'Pirates of the Caribbean 4.' Johnny Depp has joked that Captain Jack Sparrow would love having a cabin boy around but, after sitting through those horrible 'Pirate' sequels, even the notion of Depp buggering Efron senseless won't be enough to get me in the theatre!

Swedish hockey player Jan Huokko was embarrassed earlier this summer when a clip of a sex tape he made with his girlfriend ended up on the internet. During a game on Tuesday, fans for the rival team taunted Huokko by waving a giant inflatable penis and tossing dozens of dildos onto the ice. Huokko took it in stride ("I’ve got nothing to be ashamed of") but the Zamboni driver has been looking pretty happy ever since.

I never realized that Al Gore's eco-documentary 'An Inconvenient Truth'
is a remake — Frank Capra produced his own documentary on climate change…in 1958!

The fight to preserve same-sex marriage in California — as residents
prepare to vote on the anti-gay Proposition 8 — is getting weird and
– Prop 8 supporters are claiming that gay marriage leads to child prostitution!
– over three-quarters of the $23-million raised to stop marriage equality in California is coming from the Mormon church in Utah, in an attempt to make evangelical Christians less alarmed by their magic underwear
– when a Mormon family plastered the front of their house with a massive 'Yes on 8' sign, a lesbian couple parked their SUV in front with "Bigots live here" written on it
– the 'Yes on 8' and 'Protect Marriage' campaigns are sending out letters demanding equivalent money from businesses that have donated to the 'No' groups fighting for gay marriage. "It is only fair for Proposition 8 supporters to know which companies and organizations oppose traditional marriage," says one letter but the owner of a real estate business calls it "blackmail" and says, "We're not caving…we'll support our
employees. We're going to support the freedom to marry, a fundamental
right to do what we can to make sure it's not taken away."

In such a highly-charged atmosphere leading up to the election, Oscar-winning director and former 'Happy Days' star Ron Howard thinks Obama should get the vote — and he's going to ridiculous lengths to show it:

Meanwhile, it almost seems like John McCain has given up. It's hard enough to fight Obama while being saddled with Sarah Palin but now his idiot brother is making things worse!

Since everyone's talking about Palin's $150,000 wardrobe (even FOX News except they're fine with it), the Republicans will be desperate to focus on other things. One blog got a hold of some leaked campaign ads:

Seeing that in print is always ugly. And I'm not keen on the word 'faggots' either.

With all this going on, beloved gay humourist David Sedaris has lost his patience with "the undecided voters": "To put them in perspective, I think of being on an airplane. The
flight attendant comes down the aisle with her food cart and,
eventually, parks it beside my seat. 'Can I interest you in the
chicken?' she asks. 'Or would you prefer the platter of shit with bits
of broken glass in it?' To be undecided in this election is to pause for a moment and then ask how the chicken is cooked." 

But hey, enough politics — it's the weekend!  Time to get out there and dance!  And here's one guy who's been practicing: