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Time served

Pro-life journalists Sue Careless, Steve Jalsevac and Gord Truscott, charged last October with obstructing police while covering the arrest of Linda Gibbons inside a Toronto bubble zone, appeared in court again recently.

While negotiations continue between the prosecution and lawyers for all three journalists, a trial date has been set for one of the defendants. Sue Careless, founder of CURE and an active Christian right journalist, is scheduled to begin her trial on Jun 26. No date has been set for the others.

David Curtin, managing editor of the Interim, the pro-life publication which hired Careless to cover Gibbons’ arrest, says that the defendants are still hoping that charges will be dropped.

Gibbons, who has spent five years in prison on bubble-zone related charges, was released Dec 14. Gibbons was convicted on three charges, but was given a sentence of only one day for each charge, time that she was deemed to have served.

Gibbons is also known for running for office in various elections in the Church and Wellesley area.