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Time to give the world a makeover

I don’t watch Curb Your Enthusiasm, but I saw this video in my Facebook feed and fell in love. This little boy is fierce. You must watch! 

Boys like this remind me why it’s so important to be brave and fight for equality. I was just as flamboyant as him when I was a kid, but because of bullying, I thought it was something to be ashamed of. Thankfully, as I got older, I became tired of trying to meet other people’s standards of “right and wrong” and unleashed my fabulousness unabashedly. A big goal in my life is to do my part to inspire a world where kids like myself, and this adorable boy on Curb, don’t have to feel embarrassed, or afraid, of who they are. There are tons of ways to make a difference, including taking part in the Purple Letter Campaign. Ryan Clayton and Kaitlin Burnett are collecting letters about homophobia to present to the provincial government, to ask them to create a provincewide anti-homophobia policy. Amazing! I know that just about every gay person has experienced homophobia to some degree, so we should all be participating in this campaign. If you can’t do it for yourself, do it for all the little boys who just want to be wonderful.

Ryan and Kaitlin will deliver the letters on Oct 20. You can mail them to:
Purple Letter Campaign
#376 – 3495 Cambie St

Vancouver, BC V5Z 4R3 
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