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Time to pretend

‘(Let’s pretend we don’t have) feelings’ gives us major feelings

This debut video by a San Francisco band is as amazing as puppies, comfort food and queer-synth beats.

GAYmous’s video popped up on my feed with a comment attached, describing it as a “parody of queer youth culture,” or something like that. I opened it expecting something novel, but I actually really adore “(Let’s Pretend We Don’t Have) Feelings.”

So I tracked down the band, which features Pizza Cupcake and FXBoi, on Facebook, and their description is as amazing as their first music video:

“Motivated by a dare and a mutual belief in the power of the synthesizer, GAYmous started emotionally scissoring with audiences in 2012, and now fans never want it to stop,” their bio reads.

They released their first music on Vimeo just last week:

I’m into it!