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Time to take in the trash!

Today's stories that have queer people talking

Because TV’s Gossip Girl didn’t make me feel old enough, tonight we see the debut of the new 90210, featuring Degrassi alum Shanae Grimes. Depending on who you listen to, the blowjob scene is either the end of all moral values or totally awesome television!

The surprise pick of Sarah Palin, the 20-month Governor of Alaska, for the Republican Vice-Presidential ticket got a few extra shockwaves yesterday as the staunch social conservative revealed that a self-described “fuckin’ redneck” got her 17-year-old daughter pregnant. Wow, it’s just like when Andrea got knocked up on 90210!

I fear Amy Winehouse has gone from being a glamourous mess to an embarrassing mess to a depressingly tragic mess. It’s like what happened to David Silver and then Dylan! I blame 90210.

And in the ultimate show of trashy immaturity, Stephen Harper insists on calling an Oct 14 election, Canada’s third vote in four years! He and Stephane Dion are fighting more than Donna and Gina! Peter Mansbridge blames 90210.