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Tiny countries, vigilantes and an underground railroad

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Jamaican activist murdered

Dexter Pottinger, the “face of Pride” in Jamaica, was found stabbed to death in his home last week. Jamaican LGBT people are frequently targeted by vigilante attacks. [The Independent]

Harvard and Yale welcome largest bisexual class ever

Both Harvard and Yale report the largest number of openly bisexual freshman in their history this year, with about eight percent of students saying they are bisexual, and about six percent saying they are gay. [Harvard Crimson]

Canada’s secret railroad for gay Chechens

The Globe and Mail reported last week on a secret program through which the Canadian government evacuated gay Chechens outside the normal conventions of international law. Twenty-two people have been brought to Canada from Chechnya, where an anti-gay pogrom is underway.

Australians mobilize for equal marriage

Thousands took to the streets of Canberra this weekend to show support for same-sex marriage in an upcoming national postal vote. At the same time, some say the “Yes” campaign flubbed their first TV ad by letting anti-gay activists set the terms of debate.

San Marino, Monaco follow in Malta’s footsteps

After the tiny Mediterranian nation of Malta legalized same-sex marriage late last month, the equally small countries of San Marino and Monaco are considering following in the same footsteps.