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“Tip your waitress”

British papers are claiming that the secret to David and Victoria Beckham's perfect skin comes from smearing themselves with bird poop. Man, writing jokes gets harder every day! 

My own secret is that I didn't watch the Obama-McCain debate last night. Between the US race and our Canadian free-for-all, I'm politicked out!  I decided instead to wait for the debate highlights on the news. Bottom line: Obama cleaned McCain's clock and if he wins (assuming the Supreme Court doesn't steal the election again) historians may look back on this brief-but-scummy moment right here as John McCain's undoing:

"That one."  Having ragged on John McCain for about a year now, I didn't think there was much he could say or do to surprise me anymore (especially after his VP pick) but watching this, I sat back in my chair and thought, "Wow…what a dick."

Speaking of which, there are now two hate crimes investigations underway against Canadian independent federal election candidate David Popescu, who says that Egale director Helen Kennedy should be executed too. Clearly, for his own good, this guy needs to shut the fuck up but since I have no problem seeing him in prison, I say Dave, feel free to call us! We're ready to listen!

Google's Gmail has a handy new feature: an option to answer math questions before you send out potentially embarrassing drunken email. Now if only we could get that for this blog!

So yes, instead of suffering through the US debate last night, I caught up with 'True Blood,' the southern vampire drama from gay 'Six Feet Under' creator Alan Ball. It's strange, sexy, silly stuff (and oh, oh, the eye candy) but I think Lafayette, the town bar's short-order-cook/drug dealer, is the coolest gay character on TV right now. Check out his brand of customer service (and turn down the NSFW volume!):