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Titan gives you more scenes, less formula

BREAKERS. Bears, fisting, outdoors, wetsuits and water sports. All in one fuck-fest. Alex Baresi (above) brings a certain something to his threeway. Credit: TITANMEN.COM (COPYRIGHT 2007)

One thing you can always rely on from Titan is bang for your buck.

Most movies from other companies comprise four or five scenes that follow the standard suck-rim-fuck-cum formula.

In a Titan fuck-flick, that can be anywhere from six to eight scenes, each completely different in flavour, and each packed with more varieties of filthy fun than you’ll know what to do with.

Take Breakers: every delicious scene is like a two-for-one treat. We begin with tight-bodied hotties Damien Crosse and Jackson Wild emerging from the crashing waves in clinging wetsuits. They find a secluded cove and peel off, licking the salty flesh up and down until they’re as stiff as their surfboards.

It’s an oral-only scene, and you might think the explosive cumshots mean it’s over. Nope — they retire to a caravan on the beach to take it to the next level.

Out in the woods, Dean Flynn and Rick Van Sant have been camping without a license. Park ranger Tony Buff decides to exact wilderness justice, which includes drenching Van Sant with more piss than a human should rightly be capable of producing, and ramming his entire forearm up Van Sant’s asshole.

And again, that’s not enough — Buff takes the two back to his cabin for a more vanilla and yet even more scorching threeway fuck.

And that’s disc one. Whew.

On disc two there’s another threeway with fuck-crazed fuzzballs Alex Baresi, Arpad Miklos and Eduardo, then we’re back to the beach.

At more than 6’5”, black giant Diesel Washington towers over his compact co-star Victor Banda. Hell, Washington’s dick is about the same size as Banda’s entire body, but the little Latin cutie takes it with ease, perfectly angled on his surfboard.

Through it all, François Sagat pervs on all the other guys from behind rocks and through windows, before finally getting some action of his own with the healthy-hung Buff over the back of a truck.

So that’s wetsuits, piss, fisting, outdoors, voyeurs, bears — all fetishes in a way. And yet this isn’t even a fetish movie, just a regular porno that’s stuffed tighter than Van Sant’s rectum.

I haven’t even told you everything that happens. It’s exhausting, in the best way.

It’s also one of the first porn movies to be filmed in hi-def, which means you can enjoy every straining muscle and glistening drop of sweat in exquisite detail. (It also means absolutely no donuts for the performers, poor things.)