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How safe do you feel in the gay village?


“I just feel less and less safe hearing everything that’s going on. I think it’s pretty senseless.”
— Travis Elliot

“What I feel is that something volatile could happen at any moment. I just hope the community will recognize something is happening and do something about it. I feel somewhat safe but I feel on edge.”
— Colin Ormiston

“I feel safe. If you project a positive attitude, you get positive results. These attacks, I don’t know why they happen.”
— Leon Sawatzky

“You’ve got to keep an eye out a lot more. Tensions are rising within the community and on the street. We need more police walking around. If they add several more, people can feel confident that something is happening.”
— Don Kopeck

“I don’t feel all that safe. I’m a little bit disabled. I don’t think I could even get away from something. That adds to the fear. We need a lot more police presence.”
— Wallace Lowe

“I don’t feel any safer or any less safe than I ever have. There’s always been the possibility of being bashed as long as I’ve been around. There are people who hate you for being different.”
— Tim Armstrong