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To boldly go

I'm sorry, 'Star Trek' fans, but let's face facts — the show was never sexy.  Sure, there was Jeri Ryan as Borg babe Seven of Nine, the young William Shatner wasn't hard on the eyes and Patrick Stewart had that voice but no amount of Klingon leather S/M gear could make it all look less silly.

So forgive me if I wasn't planning to race to the theatre next month to catch the new 'reboot' movie. Until I watched this clip:

Daaaamn.  The new Captain Kirk is played by Chris Pine, which rhymes with fine, and he's in the new issue of Vanity Fair:

So yes, I was wrong.  Insert your own "beam me up" joke here. 

But if sci-fi's still not your thing, how about a good old fashioned "Exorcist" style religious horror movie?  The ever-bold Lars Von Trier, Danish director of "Dancing in the Dark" (and try saying that ten times fast), has unveiled the year's creepiest movie trailer: 

It's called "Antichrist" and stars Willem Dafoe — the boycotts just start themselves! 
Dafoe was Martin Scorsese's bold choice to play Jesus in "The Last Temptation of Christ" back in 1988, long before Mel Gibson's Messiah complex took full root.  Now, Gibson's wife of 28 years is leaving him, citing "irreconcilable differences" which is usually Hollywood-speak for "he's frickin' crazy!" 
I suppose I should be more sympathetic but, after all the grief he's given gays and Jews, I hold Mel Gibson in the same esteem as the insane lady who jumped in the polar bear tank.  Bold is good.  Crazy?  Not so much.