Toronto Diary
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To glitter-bomb, or not to glitter-bomb?

On last night's episode of The Daily Show (an American show, I know, but hilarious and gay-friendly, nonetheless) Jon Stewart discussed the latest slate of glitter-bombings against homo- and transphobic politicians, describing the practice as "more clever than a pie in the face, but less clever than something actually clever."

So I'm opening up the floor to you guys, considering how well yesterday's comment thread went: is glitter-bombing dead or should it keep going? Do you think it opens a dialogue about how politicians use anti-LGBT rhetoric as scapegoat, or do you think it distracts us from the real issue at hand while making LGBT activists look bad? Or do you just think that glitter is pretty and looks good on everything? And remember: while you may disagree with someone, it's always important to remember that they are not Hitler. Probably.