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To the moon and back

Sean Murphy's natural fashion sense

Credit: TJ Ngan

Sean Murphy is on the forefront of Vancouver’s fashion movement and can be seen wearing the coolest threads at all the hot, happening shows. He’s part of a hot production team called Gloss and they are becoming a force to be reckoned with. They are putting on famous fashion shows and creating fun events for the folks who like to make this town a li’l bit more cosmo looking. Miss thing is a snappy dresser with a witty sense of humour and a natural sense of what looks good.

Michael Venus: So, sweetie, you have had such a busy last few months filled with fashion, glamour and more fashion. Tell me what you have been doing and what your role in Gloss Productions is.

Sean Murphy: I’ve been busier than a Venus flytrap in heat! As Gloss’ Fashion Director, I keep an eye on fashion shows in New York, Milan and Paris, as well as locally in Montreal, LA and Vancouver. Looking for the right trends to feature in our events and on our website,

Whether styling an haute couture fashion shoot or re-creating a back-alley street scene, I am always creating beautiful images for our loyal followers to enjoy.

MV: What exactly is Gloss?

SM: Gloss is a collective of people (as opposed to dogs) who want something more than what they see in Vancouver’s climate. We want to take Vancouver’s moist hands and warm them up in a fur-lined pair of Gucci leather gloves!

MV: Living in Vancouver, a lot of the town’s inhabitants turn to mountain wear and Patagonia for fashion and simply feel fashion is petty and superficial. How would you respond to these types and what is some advice you could give them?

SM: Those “Outsiders” have to realize that they wouldn’t be wearing that water repellent clothing if it wasn’t for the “superficial” houses in Paris 50 years ago working with, at the time, cutting edge fabrics that evolved into today’s mountain hike nouveau.

I have the philosophy that anybody can wear anything they want as long as they are confident in what they are wearing. Confidence is my favourite fashion accessory!

MV: Tell me, what along your path of life has led you to where you are now?

SM: Great shoes!

MV: What were you like as a little lad? Were you always clothes- minded?

SM: Growing up with my mom, a Frenchie, she always had intrinsic style. She taught me how to tie those Hermes scarves, and how to give rich men hand-jobs in exchange for luxury items. So I think I was groomed from a very young age to appreciate what fashion in all its forms can bring.

MV: What is your favourite part on the male body to lick and taste?

SM: I really like to lick cock; balls are cute too!

MV: I know you like to party and I am wondering what are some of your wilder moments sexually that have happened while tearing it up?

SM: Tearing it up is exactly what happened… Never, never at 8 am on E in Church, volunteer to be an altar boy!

MV: Who inspires you, who turns you on and who repulses you?

SM: Really Michael, I can say that you do all those things for me at the same time!

But seriously, the people I work with at Gloss inspire me: Nancy Barrett, our creative director and Steven Schelling, our media diva. These guys work twice as hard and with such ease. I am lucky to be working in such a great environment!

MV: And finally, what shall we expect from you in the not-so-far-off future?

SM: I’m planning a trip to outer space, with Lance Bass, on the moon. I’ll be opening the first out-of-this-world fashion collective bee!